Type 3 introduces the following information, concepts, and skills

Type 3 reinforces the following information, concepts, and skills covered earlier in the program


Welcome to Typography 3!
Type in Context: Print and Web, Transparent and Opaque

In all sections of Typography 3, students use type in print as well as online. Readings and discussions introduce students to type history and theory. Both transparent and opaque type are used.

The course emphasizes design analysis and informed decision making, grid systems, design systems (variables, constants), books (sequence, 3-dimensionality, making, binding) and fine typography.

In this section of Type 3, you can expect to learn about type, grids, history, theory, html, css, book design... and hopefully grow as a typographer.

For detailed information on attendance policy and grading, please see the course syllabus.

After the initial 3-panel project, you'll spend 6 weeks exploring Web Typography with me and 6 weeks exploring book design with Jan Fairbairn.

All resources for the Web Typography unit are online.



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